So cool it's hot - our FREE handbook on process cooling for enclosures 


FREE handbook on process cooling for enclosures

Next to negative external influences such as oil-contamination and humid ambient air and dust, heat is the number one enemy of today’s high-performance electronic and micro-electronic components in enclosures throughout the industrial world. Attempts to ward off the untimely demise of equipment can lead to cooling systems that rack up tremendous energy costs over time – reducing profits and incurring the wrath of eco-friendly consumers. Rittal’s FREE handbook can help manufacturers solve these problems.

  • Discover types of heat dissipation – thermal conduction, radiation, convection, thermo-electric cooling, forced air circulation and more
  • Learn physical calculation principles of heat dissipation
  • Gain insights into the effective use of fans, filters, heaters and coolers for enclosure systems
  • Benefit from Rittal’s Therm software for energy savings across-the-board

Cool down your systems while warming up to Rittal’s advanced expertise in climate control with this complimentary handbook today.