Rittal 4 Seasons Effective and Energy Efficient Enclosure Climate Control Webinar


What is the trickiest part in specifying climate control for your industrial or IT enclosure? It could be making the most energy efficient decision or keeping up with climate control technology. Maybe your location is isolated or the ambient temperatures are about to dip in winter or soar in the summer months.

Download this webinar and learn:

• Tips specific to the design, installation and operation phases that can help you decide on the ideal 4 seasons climate control solution and reduce energy costs.

• The different roles of filter fans, air conditioners, chillers, heat exchangers and heaters for climate control.

• The latest advancements in enclosure cooling technology.

• Common mistakes in installation and operation of climate products.

 60 minutes with Rittal’s Expert, Steve Sullivan could make all the difference to your enclosure cooling and heating strategy!